Readers Comments:
Konrad Knirim: Deutsche Militäruhren / German Military Timepieces
     9.7.02      Hello Konrad,
     The book arrived today, and as we say here in Texas "Boy howdy is it a
     doozey!"  Translation from Texan is the book is very nice. ...  I
     doubt I will ever be able to photograph timepieces as well as you.
     Best Regards, Joe, Austin Texas USA
     22.6.02       Lieber Herr Knirim,
     Gratuliere zu dieser tollen 2. Auflage. Es war eine wirkliche Uberraschung,
     dass Sie jetzt schon eine zweite, erweitere Auflage gemacht haben....
     Viele Grusse aus Erftstadt und nochmals herzlichen Dank fur dieses schone Buch.
     Hans J. Peglow, Erftstadt Deutschland
     22.6.02       The Thanks are to you Konrad,
     This book is excellent,every time I pick it up there is a new fascinating
     thing to read and learn.I do not wish to exaggerate, but I think it is a
     magnificent achievement for you.
     I am glad to be able to say that I know the Author of this fine book,
     even in only a small way. I intend to give the book a
     little publicity over in the UK, I hope you do not mind.
     Best Regard's Nick, Telford UK
     23.10.02      Cher Monsieur Knirim
     Bien reçu votre livre, recevez mes plus grandes félicitations et mes vifs
     remerciements, je vous ferai parvenir deux exemplaires de la revue
     dès sa parution début décembre cordialement
     rédacteur de la revue: "HORLOGERIE ANCIENNE"
     joseph flores, Villers Le Lac, France
     25.6.02       s.g.herr knirim!
     das buch ist gut angekommen - danke. danke...
     schmökere jeden tag darinnen.......soo viele informationen;
     fotos & layout sehr gut und klar: die auflockerung mit
     dokumenten, abzeichen gefällt mir. ich bin begeistert.
     ich denke, es gibt nichts verleichbares.
     liebe grüße aus wien albert hönlinger, Oesterreich
     14.7.02      Dear Mr.Knirim,
     I' ve recived the book today! Danke!
     It is wonderful book, I've never seen like  this book before.
     I was very impressed and enable to get many knowleges.
     And can I ask you to copy of web-type flyer for attaching to my
     web-site. I think it is good way to advertise for Japanses about your wonderful
     book. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
     KUWAHARA maashi, Hamamatsu Japan
     15.7.02      Konrad,
     Got the book!  Excellent! Thanks very much.
     Regards, Sirat Setabandhu, Bangkok Thailand
     22.7.02      Gentilissimo Signor Konrad,
     la ringrazio per il Libro che mi ha inviato, penso siano inutili i
     complimenti per il fantastico lavoro. ...Il nostro sito è www.lafoce.it.
     Piacere di averla "incontrata" e grazie ancora.
     Saluti. Barbara Fontana, Milano Italia
     27.7.02      Sehr geehrter Herr Knirim,
     ich habe heute in Düsseldorf die Neuauflage Ihres
     phantastischen Buches erworben. Herzlichen Glückwunsch
     zu solch einem aussergewöhnlichen Werk!
     Vielen Dank und viele Gruesse Oliver Baumann, Deutschland
     13.7.02      Thanks for your note, Konrad.
       I'm enjoying your book very much.
     Larry Crutsinger, Norfolk VA USA
     5.8.02      Guten Abend Herr Knirim,
     zuerst möchte ich gratulieren für das ganz tolle Militäruhrenbuch!
     Ich kann stundenlang darin rumstöbern und finde immer wieder
     neues und interessantes. ...
     Mit freundlichen Grüssen aus Zürich Peter Baenziger, Schweiz
     9.8.02 Philippe.     Hello Konrad,
     The book just arrived yesterday, thank you, it's great, congratulations!
     I will pass on the flyers to my friends...
     Best regards. Philippe, Hongkong
      03.09.2002      Il libro è molto bello e ben fatto,
     saluti Marco Poggi Bozzano-Massarosa, Italia
     10.09.2002  Hello, I would like to say that your book is an excellent reference guide,
     and that i have spent many hours reading / looking at the great pictures!.....
     Many thanks Ian Rose Worthing England UK
     12.10.2002      Hallo Herr Knirim
     ich habe heute Ihre Buchsendung in Empfang nehmen können.
     Nach einem vollständigen Durchblättern muss ich sagen, ich bin ob der gebotenen
     Fülle an neuen Bildern sehr beeindruckt.....
     Mit freundlichen Grüssen René Martignier, Gattikon, Schweiz
     7.11.2002     Hallo Herr Dr. Knirim,
     ... vielen Dank! Ihr Buch ist ausserordentlich gut geraten.
     Wahrscheinlich eines der schönsten Bücher überhaupt !
     ... wird Ihres die Bibel für diese Uhren sein.... mit solch vielen Abbildungen
     und sensationellen Buntfotos.....
     Viele Grüße und weiterhin viel Spaß mit Ihrem Hobby, Alfred König
     31.10.2002      Sehr geehrter Herr Knirim,
     inzwischen habe ich mir Ihr gewichtiges Werk besorgt und kann
     nur voller Hochachtung staunen: Hut ab, eine ausserordentliche
     Leistung! Ich fand sehr viel Neues und mir war bislang nicht klar,
     um welch interessantes, weitgefächertes, und sicher auch kostspieliges,
     Themengebiet es sich bei den Militäruhren doch handelt!...
     Mit freundlichen Grüssen Michael Jung
     31.10.2002, Docteur Eloi Fievez, President de L'ANCAHA
     Cher Monsieur,
     J'ai bien recu votre livre '150 Jahre Zeitmessung beim deutschen Militär'.
     C'est un ouvrage complet, avec de trés bonnes photos. J'apprecie
     des chronometres de marine, et les montres d'aviation.
     ... Sentiments destingues, merci encore pour l'envoi.
     le president Fievez, Lille, France
     06.03.2003,     Sehr geehrter Herr Knirim,
     Ich habe das Buch heute erhalten. Es macht eine grosse
     Freude. Herzlichen Dank.
     Regards Mehmet Bozkurt, Istanbul Türkei
     14.03.2003,      Dear Konrad,
     I have received today book. It is delightful. I in delight.
     You have created the remarkable book.
     Now I shall know more about a history of watch of Germany.
     The thank for your autograph, it is very pleasant.
     Best regards, Vladimir Kulakov, Kaliningrad, Russia
     12.05.2003,       Konrad,
     I received the book this weekend in perfect shape and it is a
     beautiful book.  It amazes me that we can get something from
     Germany quicker than we can ship something across the US
     with less damage and rough treatment.
     I have been collecting chronometers and ships clocks mainly since about l981
     Once again, congratulations on the writing of such an informative book.
     I am sure it will help fill in my research library and will provide me with
     many hours of enjoyment while reading it.
     Thanks,  Bill William H. Tuttle, Roanoke, VA USA
     14.08.2003,      Konrad,
     I have read your book 3 times now and each time learn something new.
     It is a remarkable-informative accomplishment. ...I started a small museum of
     "Frogmen" items for the local school children.It soon became a gathering
     place for X-UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) members and S.E.A.L.s to
     renew old acquaintances and have a beer or two....
     Again, I wish to congratulate you on a splendid book and wish you continued
     good health and collecting success. If I can ever be of assisstance, please do not hesitate to ask.
     Regards Al Betters, Los Altos CA USA
     Tue, 19 Aug 2003,       Konrad:
     The book just arrived, 30 minutes ago. beautiful, stunning, brilliant,
     fantastic!! yes -- I love the book.
     People tell me that I should turn 'OnTheDash' into a book . . . Your book
     would be the model!! I have never seen anything like it, and it is
     incredible [I search for words that I have not yet used.] . . .
     Turning that question around, why don't you turn your
     book into a website?.. Is there a good way for the two of us to work
     together?? ...
     Cheers, Jeff Stein, Atlanta, Georgia USA
     Mi, 1. Okt 2003      MR KNIRIM, votre livre est fabuleux!!! Quelle passion!
     C est superbement mis en page(photos)et les textes tres détaillés
     et complets!....Bravo encore, et merci pour les renseignements.
     Très cordialement.Thierry LE BELLER.PS/ C! France
      Do, 16. Okt. 2003   Hello there, your wonderful book arrived today, I am really amazed
     with the pictures and biography. I will gladly pass along the information
     to my friends and family who some really like watches. I also have a little hobby,
     here is a picture of few of my creations inspired Military pocket watch to wristwatches.......
     Joseph Sadri, Hermosa Beach, California 90254 USA
     So 9. Nov 2003 12:05    Sehr geehrter Herr Knirim, als
    Sammler von vorwiegend deutschen Militärarmbanduhren aus der
     Zeit des 2. Weltkrieges habe ich nach Ihrem "Erstlingswerk" nun
     auch die 2. Auflage der "Militäruhren" mit großem Interesse genossen.
     Zu diesem wahrlich einzigartigen Opus möchte ich Ihnen herzlich gratulieren..
     mit freundlichen Grüßen aus München Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Zimmermann
     Dienstag, 11. November 2003      Dear Dr. Knirim,
     I have meant to write to you for over a year now to tell you how
     marvellous your book Militaruhren is and what a wonderful resource
     it has been for you. At the request of Christopher, you sent
     me a copy of this beautiful book last year and I have spent a great
     deal of time reading it since having received it.
     This is an astonishingly well-prepared book with beautiful photography
     and a massive amount of information about these fine timepieces.
     As a watchmaker I am always looking for additional information
     about interesting precision time pieces. As many of these movements
     migrate around the world, it has been my pleasure to have seen many
     examples at my own bench and it is wonderful to be able to refer to
     such an exhaustive and authoritative book in order to learn more
     about a particular movement and in turn, pass this information on
     to the owner. After a year I am still totally impressed each time I open
     your book. You have not only created a wonderful resource but you
     have preserved countless pieces of history in printed form which I
     believe will be an incentive for people to preserve the actual
     movements for future generations to enjoy.
     Thank you for your incredible work on this very fine book!
     John Crabtree, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 USA
     Sa, 22. Nov 2003       Konrad,
     Your book arrived safely and I congratulate you on a beautiful
     piece of work. I only have two German watches, a Grana DH wrist
     watch and a pocket watch ....
     Best regards,  Terry Andrews,  Perth Australia
     Fri, 02 Jan 2004        Hi Konrad -
     Doug loves!!!!! your book. He has spent at least an hour a day with
     it since Christmas. He's had fun comparing some of his German  clocks
     to those in your book and learning all about them now. Thank you so much.
     You absolutely "made" his Christmas. Hope you have have had happy  holidays.
     Happy New Year. Kathy Yates. Klamath Falls, Oregon USA
     Sunday, January 11, 2004       Konrad
     thank you for your reply the book is very nice I expected smaller format
     this is nicer and easier to read and view Like many people though I thing
     most are armbandurhen collectors and most of these books have too
     much on pockets and not on wrists but your coverage is very nice thank
     you again When I have finished I shall do a review and publish on some
     forums - hope this will increase sales
     Howard M.  Marx, San Marino, CA 91118 USA
     Fri, 13 Feb 2004      Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Knirim
     Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Übersendung Ihres wundervollen Buches.
     Es ist eines der wenigen Bücher deren Lektüre man zutraut, daß auch jemand,
     der nicht von der speziellen Leidenschaft gepackt ist verstehen kann, was
     dieses Feld so wunderbar macht. Das also die allgemeine Sprachlosigkeit, die
     Sammler von Nicht-Sammlern trennt einmal durchbrechen kann. Das ist ganz selten.
     ...Nochmals, herzlichsten Dank für das Buch.
     Mit freundlchen Grüßen, Martin Dammann, Berlin Deutschland
     Wed, 28 Apr 2004,      Dear Konrad,
     First, thank you for very good service with fast shipping and a well packed
     book with your kind dedication and signature.
     Second and most important, thank you for an extremely fine and interesting
     book. It's one of the best books I have ever seen on the market if not the best!
     I have collected both watch books and watches for 10 years now.
     This book really grabs you with it's rich illustrations in high quality of both the
     watches interior and exterior. This in combination with the authentic phootage
     of the men who used their issued timekeepers in different situations and time
     periods as professional instruments, men that in many cases were completely
     depending on their timekeepers to perform the hard dutys assigned to them,
     makes your unique book something much more than just a reference book.
     You give life to the watches and I really can feel the history reaching me.
     When reading about a certain watch, examening the picture of it and considering
     it's different technical aspects, I often find myself leening back in my reading chair,
     imagining beeing in the historical situation where this certain watch was used.
     I am my self in the military and I serve as technical crew member and loadmaster
     onboard a C-130 Hercules. This job has placed me in many situations and places
     around the world where I meet fellow crewmembers from different countries. Quite
     often from Germany actually. Strangly enough, the vast majority of us share a
     common high interest in our timekeepers. This interest is much higher than it is
     with my friends outside the armed forces or with people in general.
     Despite that, I would happily recommend this book not only to all collectors of
     timepieces, but also to any person with a connection to the military or any one
     with just the smallest general interest in our history.
     Thanks again, and keep up the good Job!
     Kind Regards Jesper Schleimann-Jensen, SWEDEN
     Fri, 2 Jul 2004,      Dear Konrad,
     The Book arrived today, and although it is Wimbledon semi-finals, it has
     had more of my attention than the tennis! Wonderful production, particularly
     the pictures which I wouldn't think could be surpassed. The English is more than
     welcome, and a few Englaish grammatical errors just show us that the Author hasn't
     lost control of what is said!  I think what you have done is just outstanding. If you
     are thinking of another publication, then my only suggestion is that a three volume
     work with the splits being between Army, Navy and Air Force would be the way to
     go. The book now is very big, and if it is larger, then maybe it should have a health
     warning, if dropped. I hope you sell a lot of these, Oh and Thank You very much for
     including me in your acknowledgements. Although I am still very much an amateur, I
     do appreciate the credit. You have taught me everything!
     Best regards, Sim London, UK
     Wed, 28 Jan 2004       Dear Konrad,
     The money has been sent this afternoon. ... Besides, I've received your book
     in excellent conditions : you've done a tremendous study, high quality research and
     the presentation is gorgeous. Congratulations. .....I thank you for your time
     and consideration.
     Best Regards,  Daniel, Serre les Sapins, France
     Wed, 8 Sep 2004      Hello Konrad,
     I just received the book, and I must say it looks like an impressive peace of work.
     It will keep me busy for many hours no doubt. Thanks for sharing your knowledge
     with me, and thanks for the good communications and the fast shipping. I will
     recommend your book to anyone who wants to listen!
     Kind regards, Ron. Hilversum, Nederlande
     Wed, 6 Oct 2004      Dear Dr. Knirim,
     My copy of your spectacular book Militaruhren arrived today.... I am in awe
     of  the quality and scope of the volume. It is truly a milestone document in the
     field of horology, and is a major addition to our knowledge of the marine chronometer.
     With sincere best regards,  Tom Evans  Rear Admiral, USN (RET)  Arlington, VA, USA
     Tue, 2 Nov 2004      Dear Konrad,
     Thank you for your wonderful book.It must be considered as the bible on this
     topic.I have received it 2 days after your last e-mail.It will keep me busy for months.
     Kind regards, Adrian van Meijden, Lomme, Belgien
     Thu, 30 Dec 2004      Hi Konrad,
     I've received the book today whaouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu terrific book
     i never seen........  Many thanks for your rapidity and i hope what it is ok for the money.
     Good Happy New Year Michel Jurcenko, Ermont, France
     Mon, 10 Jan 2005      Bonjour konrad;
     j'ai recu ce matin ta magnifique et trés complete oeuvre sur les montres militaires
     allemandes qui est pour moi une source époustouflante de renseignements et
     d'aprentissage! Une impréssionante mine de renseignements techniques trés
     précis et de photos d'une grande qualitée. Sans nul doute une référence
     incontestable pour tout amateur de montres militaires!
     Jean SFILIGOY Pilote de Ligne-Commandant de Bord, Feigneux, France
     Fri, 25 Feb 2005      Hi, I got it yesterday.
     It is a real pleasure to browse, I'll read it front to end...
     Thanks  John, "John Cotter" Sierre, Schweiz
     Fri, 10 Jun 2005      Hallo
     Ich habe gestern das Buch erhalten. Dieses Buch ist herrlich. Gratuliere!
     Gruss Christophe Revaz Genf, Schweiz
     Oct. 18, 2005      Dear Konrad,
     I got the book today, thank you very much!   I am very honestly impressed with it - it
     seems to cover an immense level of variety within this subject, presented with a lot of
     facts but in a aesthetically very pleasant way, with all the excellent photos.   Also it's
     nice to feel the passion behind the subject - .....  I'll be spending many many hours
     studying it here in the coming time, I  assure you. .....
     All the best, Peter. Peter Sommer  Kopenhagen Dänemark
     Jan. 23, 2006      Dear Konrad,
     I did receive the book last week, but as I was aboard and had no chance to inform you
     of its arrival. The book itself surpasses all my expectations in its quality and content.
     As a watch collector I find it extremely useful. Please keep me informed of your future
     publications. Thanks for this amazing book and easy transaction,
     Best regards, Manuel Esteves, Porto, Portugal
     Tue, 4 Apr 2006      Dear Konrad,
     I received your book today in the mail, and it is just awesome! Thank you so much for
     devoting so much time and effort into writing such a wonderful book.  I have already
     learned so much in the few brief hours I have  ad the book, and I am sure I will enjoy
     it as a reference book for years to come!
     Thanks again. Best regards, Robert Segal, Chicago, USA
     May 17. 2006      Dear Konrad
     I received your book today, and it has exceeded my expectations.  Beautiful
     photographs and great detail in the text.  I may be up very late tonight diggin
     in to the material! Thanks and best wishes,
     Ira Chaplik,  Illinois 60035 USA
     July, 11th. 2006      OK Konrad
     Checked mail box at 0600hrs Tuesday morning and the 2 books had arrived
     undamaged. This morning has been the earliest that I have had time to reply...
     I have had a quick look thru your book and it is an amazing collection of
     data and high quality photograths, Look forward to your next application.
     I have never ever seen any Clocks and watches such as the ones decribed in
     Australia or New Zealand ever, But from now on will keep an eye out at any
     Military Auctions.
     Richard Luczyniec, MOONEE PONDS, VICTORIA, Australia
     July 19th, 2006      Hello Konrad ,,,,,
     Mate, just to let you know the BOOK arrived today :-))))))))))))))
     I am MOST Happy.........again to thank you,  I had an old copy I bought from ebay some
     time ago but this edition will be for my collection ,, fantastic it is most appreciated :-)))
     Danke Hammer, Blue Water Charters, Brisbane, Australia
     Aug. 8th. 2006      Hi Konrad,
     I received the book and it is great! It looks like a liftime of work...
     Thanks, Derek Molnor, New Kensington PA, USA
     June 07 2006   Ich habe auch zu Danken! Seit gestern habe ich das Buch, es ist  atemberaubend gut.
     Der beste lay-out und die besten Bilder dass ich in einem Fachbuch gesehen habe,
     ja , überhaupt.  Ich war gerade bei meinem Freund  in Hamburg, er ... kennt sich ein
     bisschen aus. Auch er war sehr beeindruckt, als ich das Buch gezeigt habe.
     Vieleich veraten Sie mal wie Sie die Bilder gemacht haben.
     Viele Grüße Robert Forslund   Hamburg, Deutschland
     Thu, 18 Oct 2007  Hallo, the book has arrived last week and I'm having great time going thru it.
     You have done a masterful job - one can see this book is indeed a labour of love.
     My personal interest is in LW Flieger-B-Uhren of WWII, which your book covers very nicely.
     It was well worth its price for that section alone. ......
     thank you again for work well done,  Sincerely, Kresimir Penavic Smithtown, NY USA
     04.06.2008   Dear Konrad  I received the book this morning,it is superb,even better than i
     expected it is so interesting that i have hardly put it down,i am delighted with it .
     regards and thankyou. John  Beck, Shepton Mallet, UK
     We,, 18. Nov. 2008  Hello Konrad, the book have arrived in perfect condition.
     At first glance is best than I could imagin, it worth each euro I have paid, What a
     great and carefull work!!. Congratulations   Now, I am going to be very busy reading.
     Thanks, Jose Ramon Garcia, Madrid, Espana
     03.11.2008   Ironically I received the book on the 31st.  I absolutely love it!  I've  spent a good
     couple of hours each night reading and rereading it!   Thank  you so much again!!
     Scott Hedderich, Des Moines Iowa USA
    05.11.2008   Hello Konrad, The book is arrived and I look forward to study it in many hours.
    Hope also I can contact you in the future if I need some advices.
    Best Regards Frode Wiik, Bergen Norway
    22.11.2008    Konrad, your bbook arrived today! It looks wonderful, I will be reading it through
    the holiday season..
    Many thanks Bill Betson, Littleton, Colorado, USA

Konrad Knirim: British Military Timepieces
10.02.2009, Hallo Konrad, vielen Dank fur das neue Buch.
Es ist ausserordentlich gut und komplett.
Ich gratuliere! Adrian, Belgium
10.02.2009, Hi KK, Got the book; thanks very much!
Congratulations, this will keep me very busy over the next few weeks.
Thanks again. Good Luck James, London UK
10.02.2009, Hello Konrad,
Your package arrived this morning and the new work is absolutely
gorgeous!! Congratualtions on what I’m sure will be the standard reference
on British military watches and chronometers.  I wish you every success
with the publication and I will certainly spread the word.
Best regards,  Sim, London UK
10.02.2009, Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Knirim, Ihr Buch ging heute hier ein! Herzlichen
Glückwunsch!  Es dürfte schwer fallen, da etwas gegen zu setzen.
Gruß Thomas, Duisburg Deutschland
11.02.2009, Hi Konrad, I must thank you very much for the copy of your lovely new
book.......I have looked though quickly and it is another triumph for you...
I do hope that it flys out for you after all your work.....
with best regards Steve, Heddington UK
11.02.2009, Hello Konrad, I received the book yesterday and I am very impressed
you can be sure that I will recomend it to all that I can
All the best Ian, Chester UK
12.02.2009, Konrad, Thank you very much for the copy of your book which I have
just received. It is quite simply superb and a real archive of very useful information.
Regards, Andy, Plymouth UK
13.02.2009, Hello Konrad, I got your Book . Waooooow !! What a work! It’s really
great, a real Bible for a collector. I am sure it will have a great success .
Amitiés  Jean Claude, France
13.02.2009, Dear Konrad. We have just got back from South Africa and New Zealand.
Had to collect a package from the post office. Imagine my suprise when I
opened it and saw your magnificant book. I immediately got into
reading the introduction. I have been working my way through the chapters - not
of a size for reading in bed! The photographs are certainly most impresive,and the
writing clear, concise and infomative. I am amazed you have put it all together in
such a short time. It goes to show what a boon this digital age has given us.
Best wishes Paul, Uxbridge UK
16.02.2009, Dear Konrad, thanks very much. Books arrived and are marvelous.
regards, Jeremy, Belgium
17.02.2009, Hi Konrad I received the book today what can I say? An excellent book
fantastic collection of Military timepieces and a fantastic insight into military watches,
once again a very well done on a excellent read.
Regards Charlotte, London UK
09.02.2009, Konrad, gratuliere nochmals zu deinem Monumentalwerk. Es ist schon
interessant, dass bislang kein Englaender in der Lage war, ein entsprechendes
Referenzbuch zu produzieren.
Besten Dank Paul, London UK
16.02.2009, Hello Konrad, I have received the book - it is fantatstic, the quality
of the content and photographs are outstanding! It will take some time to read the
whole book, but what a pleasure to do so. Thank you very much, and
best regards Ian, Worthing UK
18.02.2009, Dear K K:
The British Military Timepieces has been well received today afternoon.
Regards, Kandy  Hong Kong SAR
20.02.2009, Hello Konrad,
Thank you for your new book...arrived yesterday in perfect order. I must congratulate
you on such a huge amount of information that you have gathered, the typing input
must have been a mammoth task. It will take me months to work my way through it all.
Regards and best wishes, Keith, Newark UK
23.02.2009, Hi Konrad,
Again, many thanks for the fantastic book about British Military Timepieces.  I will
spend many, many hours study the book.
 Regards  Seth, NJ USA
23.02.2009, Dear Mr. Knirim,
I received the books today, thanks you very much indeed. It's the best book I have
ever own, apprciate for your great work to publish this book.
Best regards, Johnny,  Shanghai China
26.02.2009, Hi Knirim,
books recieved today.Very informative and details description reference book,
really enjoy it,thanks!
Rgds, Steven Kowloon,  Hong Kong
Feb 27, 2009 Konrad,
I have just had an opporunity to sit down and study your new book in detail. Wow,
it is a most impressive book, full of rich illustrations, orginal documents and supporting
data. There must be more British timepieces than German equivalents as the number of
pages is significatly more than your book on German military timepieces.
I think that this book is now the must have for information on this subject.
Craig, Auckland, New Zealand
27.02.2009, Hi Konrad,
I don't really know what to say except ........ thank you for such a great book!  For
many people it will be the bible of british military timepieces for many years to
come and my favorite book for even longer; it's well written and full of interesting
information, one thing I really like is the great photos of watches in use, aircraft,
ships and other things usually not seen in a book such as this. To you Konrad I
wish the very best of luck with to book and for your future.
Best regards John  Asker  Norway
27.02.2009, Dear Konrad,
Your wonderful book has just arrived and I am very impressed!
I very much look forward to reading the book and will let you know if I have comments.
Many thanks again for your kindness in sending it, it was a pleasure to help!
Best wishes,  Jonathan, Royal Observatory Greenwich
02.03.2009, Hi Konrad,
I received the book, thank you very much.
Rgds.  Philippe, Pokfulam Hong Kong
02.03.2009, Mr Knirim,
We received your bible about brisith military watches. It is simply impressive !
Congratutations for this fantastic work and thank you for the book !
Best Regards, Sebastian Vivas, Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre, Schweiz
05.03.2009, Hi Konrad.
I have received your fabulous book today and can't put it down!
It really is a most informative read, full of all sorts and  it's a credit to you.
Good luck and thanks again.
best regards Mike Llandudno, UK
06.03.2009, Hi Dr Knirim,
The book arrived safely yesterday.  My compliments to you - it is absolutely
superb!   Thank you for such a remarkable creation - I'll use it the rest of my life.
Thank you again for a fantastic book!
Very best,  Mike Spokane MI USA
08.03.2009, Hello Konrad
Although somewhat late, this is to thank you very much for the copy of your
book which arrived safely just as I was leaving. While I was away I had the
chance to spend some time looking through it, and I really must congratulate
you on the  production of a landmark book. It certainly covers all aspects
of British Military Timepieces in great detail and much more, and I am certain
it will very quickly become recognized as the prime source of information on
the subject. Currently I am planning to show it and talk about it at our next
NAWCC Ottawa Chapter meeting at the end of March, and also perhaps at
a couple of other Eastern Canada Chapter meetings during the summer.
Thank you once again. Ben Roberts Ottawa Canada
23.03.2009, Sehr geehrter Herr Knirim,
Das Paket ist angekommen und die Bücher sind einfach toll.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen  Mehmet, Istanbul, Turkey
26.03.2009, Hi Konrad
Received your book and what a resource it is for us British collectors.
Lindsay, Thorneywood UK
07.04.2009, Hello Konrad,
I received the books. In fact they arrived almost week ago, but I was in a
business trip. They are absolutely outstanding - many thanks!
All the best Maciej, Warszawa, Polen
31.03.2009, Lieber Herr Dr. Knirim,
gestern ist Ihr schwerer Brocken unbeschädigt eingetroffen. Ich danken
Ihnen ganz herzlich dafür und bewundere die viele Pionierarbeit die Sie
sich wieder gemacht haben. Ich habe alles an die Seite gelegt und erst einmal
ganz gespannt geblättert, gelesen und darüber gestaunt was es alles
gegeben hat. Es wird mich immer wieder beschäftigen, endlich ein Nachschlagewerk
zu diesem Thema. Herzlichen Glückwunsch dazu, ich bin begeistert.
Herzliche Grüße Henning, Hamburg Deutschland
15.4.09, Dear Mr. Knirim,
The book has arrived today and, I have to say, it's superb. Your quality
of production and photos is the best in the industry and I'll admit that when
it comes to creating watch books, you're the world's number one....
All the Very Best, Marcus, Woodmansey UK
02.08.2009 Guten Tag Herr Knirim
letzte Woche hat mir mein Buchhändler Ihr neues Buch British Military
Timepieces ausgeliefert. Das Ding ist ein Hammer. Die Bildqualität und die
Vielfalt der abgebildeten Uhren ist umwerfend und die gebotene Fülle der
Information einmalig. Erstmals habe ich darin z.B. Uhren mit Markierungen
HS5-HS10 gesehen; üblicherweise sind nur  HS1 - HS4 erwähnt und abgebildet.
Am andern Ende der Skala ist erstmals die Bezeichnung GSTP plausibel aufgelöst. ...
Freundliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz: René,  Cham
17.10.2009 Hi Konrad,
the book arrived yesterday, what a thick volume¡¡, I am afraid but I am going
to spend the whole weekend at home enjoying reading, time for shopping for
my wife and daughters. Thanks Jose Madrid Espana
November 18, 2009  Ronald D.
I am already the proud owner of Konrad's German Timepieces book, and  I
ordered the British book.  It arrived in fine condition. I have already given it
a quick look, and the book is gorgeous. I have already found that all my
British timepieces are covered, even the black Smiths seen on page 391.
-Unfortunately, this book will surely stimulate my lust for additional British
timepieces. (one of my coworkers saw me smiling as I opened the box, and
then wryly commented I had received a book of "clock porn". Well, not quite.
I will really enjoy inspecting Konrad's new book more closely during the
Thanksgiving break. Ron, Kansas City USA
12.04.2010 Good Morning,
I received your books on saturday. I just had the time to turn the pages,
but i will begin to read it tonight. The only thing I can say just now, is that
your work is very impressive! It's the first time I have ve seen such an important
work on military watches! Thanks you very much to open me the doors of military
watches! Yours faithfully, Martin, Paris France
07.04.2010 Hello Konrad,
Just got books. Everything is Ok and books are great! Really BIG work,
photos are great, so many info and I just love it!!! Will have something for read for months...
Thanks for everything  Best regards,  Jerko, Zagreb Kroatien

12.4.2011 Good Morning,
I received your books on saturday. I just had the time to turn the pages, but i will begin
to read it tonight. The only thing I can say just now, is that your work is very impressive!
It's the first time I have ve seen such an important work on military watches! .. Thanks you
very much to open me the doors of military watches!
Yours faithfully,  Martin, Vertou France

15.4.2011 Hello, Konrad,
I would like to buy your book - British military timepieces, I have the German military...
and I am very satisfied! Thanks to you and your book I found nice examples of military
timepieces in small shops in Prague and other Czech cities.
Please send me the account number and total costs with shipping to czech republic.
Thank you very much! Boris, Svinare CSR

30.4.2011 Hello Konrad,
I got the books this morning . They're superbs !
Best regards Eric, Boissise le Roi France

28.7.2011 Dear Konrad ,
many thanks for your excellent books which i recieved today. I have a question
Konrad I have a german ships clock  by kieninger and obergfell from 1942 ...
 kind regards thomas

3.8.2011 Dear Konrad.
Book arrived all in A1 condition and what a book it is wonderful hardly manages to
describe it thank you very much for all your hard work now I just have to find some
of the missing wrist watches that I did not know existed.  Please keep me in touch
regarding any further publications you might feel like doing but I am sure these two
must have taken it's toll re long long days and nights of hard work.
With kind regards Tony, Chichester UK

28.8.2011 Mr. Konrad,
I have just received today your book. Everything in prefect order. It
looks  wonderful!
Thanks Jose María, Madrid Espana

31.8.2011 Dear mr. Knirim,
what can I say, your book is fascinating. Whats more it helped me to identify my
"L&S Kriegsmarine chronometer". In fact it is early postwar Glashutte production.
If it is not problem for you can I send you some photos to confirm my identification.
Besides that I wonder iof you can recomand me somebody to fix my chronometer,
main spring seems to be broken. Thank you.
Kind regards dr. S. Gustincic, Zagreb Croatia

3.6.2011 Dear Konrad,
Thank you -- I have received the book today.  I am glad that the shipping did not
take that long, and had no problems clearing it with postal customs.  I surely look
forward to reading through the book, and learn as I go along.  All the best to you sir!
Regards, Tat, Mandaluyong City Philippines

25.11.2011 Dear Dr Konrad Knirim
Just a quick mail to let you know the books has arrived.Thank you! They are really great books!
Many thanks All the best! Chen, Shanghai China
10.03.2014 German and British Military Timepieces vols 1 & 2 Hi Konrad,
I really appreciate your patience with the response, and I'm thrilled to inform you that
the books have arrived today! The conditions look great, and I'm so excited to see
the amount of information in these books; they're way beyond what I was expecting!
I admire your enthusiasm for putting together such a thorough documentary. I'll  be
sure to promote your book among my friends and watch enthusiasts.
Thank you! Jimmy, Taipeh Taiwan

10.03.2014 Military Timepieces volume 1 and 2 Hello konrad
The books are well received and very valuable for the cost!  Superb book and I thank
you for the flawless transaction! 
Best Rgds, Jack, Singapore
17.03.2014 German and British Military Timepieces vols 1 & 2
And they have arrived! Thanks Konrad I'm delighted
Tasmania Australia

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