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British Military Timepieces
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Gallery of Timepieces:
Gallery of Timepieces
Vol I:
German Military Timepieces
150 Years Watches and Clocks of German Forces
ISBN 3-89355-232-4
Ships-Chronometer Torpedoboat-Chronometer Ships-Clocks Navigation-Watches Combat-Swimmers Watches Torpedo-Timers   Aircraft-Clocks Message-Station-Clocks Chronographs Bomber-Stopwatches Pilots-Watches Artillery-Chronographs Instruments-Clocks Decoration-Watches
English and German text:
636 pages, more than 1000 timepieces
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Vol II:
British Military Timepieces
Watches and Clocks of Their Majesties Forces
ISBN 978-3-89355-260-3
 Observatory Clocks, Chronometers, Chronometer Watches, Deck Watches, Pocket Watches, Ship‘s Clocks, Zig-Zag Clocks, Aircraft Clocks, Instrument Clocks, Mantle Clocks,  WT Watches, Asdic Timers,  Artillery Stop Watches, Trench Watches, Waterproof  Wrist Watches, Wrist Chronographs, Pilot‘s Watches, Diver‘s Watches, General Service Watches
English and German text:
800 pages, more than 1000 timepieces
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Both vol.: 326 € incl. shipment!
Abstracts Vol I:
Empire  Reichswehr  World War 2 GDR  Bundeswehr

Abstracts Vol II:
Observatory Clocks & Chronometers Instrument's, Ship's & Aircraft Clocks Deck & Pocket Watches 
Wrist Watches, Chronographs, Diver's Watches Watches of USA, Canada, Australia, France, Japan....